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Keystone Valve (SHENZHEN) Co., Ltd, is a manufacturer of valves, actuators and related control products with dozens of brands and multiple regional Have a production base.

  Keystone valves have been expanding their business in China for many years. Keystone valves and control according to the characteristics of the Chinese market and business development needs, the establishment of a set of efficient and efficient operating system. After several decades of unremitting efforts, from the initial sales-oriented enterprises, and gradually developed into a set of factories, sales offices, stock library, valve automation assembly and service centers and service centers as one of the all-round business.

  Our sales network around the world, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places to set up offices, but also in the country's major cities to establish a sales network. After years of practice, we have established a sales network with industry as a line to better adapt to the Chinese market and customer requirements. Under the leadership of various industry sales managers, our sales team is constantly developing, for more Chinese customers to provide a full range of fluid control solutions.

  We are in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the establishment of the current library and valve automated assembly and repair center, not only for Chinese users to provide some of the standard product spot, but also provide assembly, testing, maintenance pre-sale technical training and other services. Our service personnel have been localized and can be reached in the shortest possible time to provide maintenance services.

  Well-known brand, a long history, perfect product development, design, production, assembly, quality control and after-sales service system, constitute a strong global network of Keystone company. In recent years, the size of the company has been growing, it can provide users with "all-round fluid control solutions" to help users solve the problems encountered in production.

   Our technology research and development center not only to provide users with valve control system integration, special application solutions and other value-added services; also actively introduce foreign advanced technology services in the local production, to reduce costs for Chinese customers to provide high quality products

  (SHENZHEN) Co., Ltd. extraordinary strength; the number of employees more than 750 people, annual sales of more than 227 million US dollars, the annual sales of more than 750 million, With extraordinary strength and deep-seated image, Keystone Valve (SHENZHEN) Co., Ltd. has become a well-deserved industry leader and a wide range of multinational companies.

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